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The Department of Public Works was established in 1956 after dividing the Department of Civil Engineering into three departments that are jointly responsible for overseeing the Civil Engineering Program. The Department of Public Works currently shares the responsibility of teaching undergraduate courses in Civil Engineering with the departments of Structural Engineering and Irrigation and Hydraulics.

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The Department of Public Works is subdivided into six scientific disciplines, which are:

  • Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering
  • Geomatics Engineering
  • Highways, Transportation and Airports Engineering
  • Railways Engineering
  • Environmental & Sanitary Engineering
  • Transport Planning & Traffic Engineering


Undergraduate courses taught under the Department of Public Works are considered core courses for civil, environmental, and infrastructure engineering. In addition, the department oversees graduation projects for undergraduate students the six disciplines, which aim at stimulating self-learning, innovation, and problem solving. The department also provides masters and doctorate graduate programs in the six scientific disciplines mentioned above.


The Public Works Department is responsible for teaching the following undergraduate civil engineering courses:

  1. First Year: Applied Statistics Surveying
  2. Second Year: Geodesy & Land Information System (LTS)-1

Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing-1

  1. Third Year: Soil Mechanics

Transport Planning & Traffic Engineering

  1. Fourth Year: Highways and Airports Engineering-1

Railways Engineering-1

Environmental & Sanitary Engineering-l

Foundation Engineering.

In addition, the following elective courses are taught under the Department’s direct responsibilities:

  • Engineering Applications of Surveying
  • Highways and Airports Engineering II
  • Railway Engineering II
  • Environmental & Sanitary Engineering II
  • Transport and Traffic Planning and Engineering
  • Soil Mechanics and Foundations


Civil Engineering B.Sc. projects are also supervised by the Department’s faculty members in the areas of the above-mentioned elective courses.


The Public Works Department shares the responsibility of teaching the following undergraduate courses to 3rd year civil engineering students in cooperation with the “Structural Engineering” and “Irrigation and Hydraulics” Departments:

  • Management of Civil Engineering Projects
  • Economics and Law
  • Ethics
  • The Engineer and the Environment

Furthermore, the Public Works Department undertakes the responsibility of teaching Surveying Geodesy and Soil Mechanics & Foundations to non-Civil Engineering undergraduate students, as well as other topics to postgraduates of other Departments at the Faculty of Engineering and to other Faculties within Cairo University (e.g., Highways Engineering, Transport and Traffic Engineering, Environmental & Sanitary Engineering).


The Department provides post-graduate Diplomas, M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs in the following areas.

  • Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering
  • Geomatics Engineering
  • Highways, Transportation and Airports Engineering
  • Railways Engineering
  • Environmental & Sanitary Engineering
  • Transport Planning & Traffic Engineering


Public Works Department – Building No. (4) Lecture Hall



The Department Council is chaired by Prof. Dr. Azza Mostafa Mohamed Aly Saied and hosts a total number of staff of (105) distributed as follows:

Emeritus Professors                   :

Emeritus Associate Professors  :

Professors                     :

Associate Professors  :

Assistant Professors   :

Assistant Lecturers     :

Demonstrators        :









Emeritus Professors:

El-Hatab, E.H.                         Salama, B.N.

Salem, A.M.                                        El-Ghazali, M.S.

Radwan, L.S.                                      Shousha, O.M.

Gadallah, A.A.                                     Nour El-Din, M.S.

Huzayyin, A.S.                                  Abdel Rahman, M.M.

El-Mitiny, M.R.                                    Sabry, M.M.A.

El-Hossainiey, M.S.                           Abdel- Meguid, A.T.

Mosaad, M.E.                         El-Mamlouk, H.H

Amer, M.I.                                      Weshahi, Z.A.

Lotfi, H.A.                                            Sharaf, E.A.

Abou-Keifa, M.A.D.                           El-Hakim, T.M.

Emeritus Associate Professors:

Hafez, H.H.                                         Hafez, S.H.

Taha, M.M.T.



Saied, A.M. (Chairman)                      Baraka, M.A.

Dakhli, A.H.                                         Mousa, R.M.

Hozayen, H.A.                        El-Shazly, A.Y.

Hamed, M.M.                          El-Kholy, M.A.

Rashed, E.M.A.                                  Hegazy, Y.A.

Hussein, A.K.                          Abdel Halim, H.S.

Abd El-Fatah, H.F.H.


Associate Professors:

Darwesh, G S.                                    Eissa, M.Y.M.

Barkat, H. A.F.                                    Ezz El-Din, O.Y.

El-Akshar, A.F.F.                                Abd El-Wahab, H.T.

El-Kady, T.Y.A.                                   El-Sherbiny, R.M.

Salem, M.A.                                        Abdallah, K.Z.B.


Assistant Professors:

Soliman, A.N.                          Soliman, H.A.

Abd El-Hamed, S.M.              Saleh, O.O.

El-Komee, A.S.A.                               Farag, A.M.M.

Hamady, K.M.A.                                 Sarhan, H.A.H.

Rozeek, E.H.                                      Mekhaeel, M.E.M.

Ibrahim, M.M.G.                                 Hakem, A.F.A.

Osman, A.A.                                       Abdel-Aziz, T.S.I.

Hafez, D.H.H.                         Talat, H.M.A.

Abdel-Majeed, A.M.R.                        Said, D.G.M.

Fahmy, K.M.A.                                   Hassan, A.M.

Hassan, A.E.M.                                   Elawwad, A.A.

Akl, S.A.Y.                                          Abdelgawad, H.M.A.