The goals of the Public Works Department are to provide students with the highest quality of undergraduate studies available to prepare them for civil engineering careers in which they can contribute positively to fulfill the needs of their society.

The programme aims at:

1. Qualifying students to the design, construction, maintenance and advancement of important infrastructure systems in the following areas:

a) Geomatics Engineering.

b) Geotechnical Engineering and Foundations.

c) Highways Traffic and Airports Engineering.

d) Railways Engineering.

e) Sanitary and Environmental Engineering Systems.

f) Transport and Traffic Engineering and Planning.

By the successful completion of his study, the graduate shall be qualified to:

– Demonstrate excellence and innovation in engineering problem solving and design in a global and societal context.

– Apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering.

– Participate actively in the analysis and design of any infrastructural facility of civil engineering nature.

– Design a system, component, or process to meet desired needs within realistic constraints such as economic, environmental, social, ethical, health and safety, and sustainability.

– Address responsibly and ethically the impacts that engineered systems can have on the community and its environment.

– Plan and execute research work, evaluate outcomes and draw conclusions.

– Read, interpret, and prepare technical drawings.

– Communicate effectively in written, verbal and graphical forms.

– Function effectively within multidisciplinary teams.

2. Providing an educational experience of highest quality to our undergraduate students through a program of study that accommodates the individual’s interests and career goals.

3. Facilitation of enabling environment for learning, teaching and research for department staff.

4. Encouraging students develop interest, and acquire motivation, and ability of pursuing continued life-long learning.

5. Providing modern information technology facilities and well equipped labs to support the programme.

6. Contributing to the economic and social development of society through providing consultation and technical services for solving engineering problems.

7. Targeting to be recognized as one of the outstanding programmes among our peers.